Keynote talk by Eleonora Brizi


Thursday, September 21, 2023
AUGE (Augmented Europe) Artathon
Challenges for a Green & Digital Future

15:00 Artathon Keynote Panel
The National Library (11th floor)
Moderator: Rasa SMITE
Eleonora BRIZI (IT) / Eric NOWAK (CH) /Jane TINGLEY (CA)

Eleonora Brizi is a digital and crypto art curator previously based in New York, Rome and Beijing, now indefinitely living in the Metaverse.

She graduated and specialized in contemporary Chinese art and later started her new path dedicated to art and technology in New York, combining her knowledge of the art world with the need – of the art itself – to speak the language of the time, where the current dialogue is digital and technical.

Before landing in the art and tech world, Eleonora spent six years in Beijing, China, where she worked for four years as an assistant to artist Ai Weiwei and two years as a representative in China under the curator Jerome Sans. In 2018, she studied blockchain technology and its application to art in New York. Here, following her art curator career in China, she became very active in the flourishing crypto-creative community, curating, promoting, and participating in many Crypto Art pioneer projects.   

Also in 2018, she founded Breezy Art, a WEB3 art curation habitat, a laboratory for creative experimentation with Art and Technology. It champions Digital/Crypto/NFT Art, Creative Coding, and the Metaverse, exploring the exciting possibilities brought to the world by Blockchain technology.

Curation is the process by which art finds its voice and value. Breezy ensures that each project has its own unique curation, every artist has their story told, and every artwork finds its chapter in our narrative universe.

Breezy Art supports all the builders and creators of the decentralized and free world.