Zane Zelmene


Zane Zelmene (LV)
Synthetic visions

Video installation, 2023

Synthetic Visions is a captivating AI-based installation, where the mesmerizing robotic sculpture “Robo Sage” embodies the essence of collective knowledge powered by Chat GPT language model and AI image generators. Surrounding displays project celestial visuals, unveiling thematic sections that delve into cosmic wisdom and human understanding. Seamlessly connected, Robo Sage shares profound insights, inviting viewers to delve into the interplay of AI, science, and art in our cosmic expedition. The installation seeks to evoke curiosity, inspire wonder, and foster meaningful dialogue, prompting introspection about our place within the vast universe. By celebrating AI’s potential to unravel the mysteries of existence, Synthetic Visions imparts a profound sense of cosmic connectedness, igniting a deep appreciation for the boundless allure of the cosmos, and leaving an indelible impression on all who encounter its transformative presence.

Zane Zelmene is an accomplished artist with degrees from the Latvian Academy of Arts and the Lisbon Art University. Her expertise lies in video art, audiovisual performance, and land art, where she adeptly integrates new technologies like VR/AR, video mapping, and 360-degree videos in her installations. Zelmene’s works are a profound exploration of the intersections between art, science, and nature, as well as the coexistence of antiquity and modernity. Her thought-provoking creations challenge conventional boundaries, delivering immersive experiences that redefine the relationship between art and its audience.