Ieva Vīksne


Ieva Vīksne (LV)

Interactive virtual reality experience, print, 2023

This is an invitation to a voyage of an algorithm. Embodying the dataflow, roaming the different tasks until the machine is trained successfully. In each step we will tackle a specific step of algorithm training: data collection and processing, feature extraction, training a classifier and testing the algorithm.
Through this experience we will see how a computer learns to recognize and differentiate an image of one object from another – the thing we do in a blink of an eye. We don’t fully understand how our own natural intelligence works, because it is the result of millions of years of evolution. But we can trace the algorithms and the training process of artificial intelligence and this is a step towards unraveling the “black box” of intelligence. This is a VR portrait of an algorithm for image recognition. Some of the imagery is generated using AI.

Ieva Vīksne is a media artist that currently resides in Riga. Lecturer in the Art Academy of Latvia. Graduated Virtual reality and smart technologies Masters program in Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences. Working with virtual reality, augmented reality, biometric data, photography, digital image, video, performance, photogrammetry. Topics of interest: technologies, perception, mental health, alternative interfaces, virtual environments, artificial nature.