Līga Vēliņa


Līga Vēliņa
Shifted Realities

Virtual reality, AI, 3D, print 1 x 1.5 m, 2023

Since the dawn of the industrial revolution –  at the end of the 19th century, and especially at  the beginning of the 20th century with its rapid technological progress, people have thought about the possibility of artificial intelligence, and interpreted it many ways in the form of science fiction writings. Most of it was portrayed from a negative point of view, as something that deprives humanity of control, or even destroys, or enslaves it. Finally, at the beginning of century, the time has come, when artificial intelligence is present in our everyday lives.   A new cultural paradigm shift, the automation of image creation and other human-replacing  tools is currently underway. In everyday life we come across artificial intelligence tools: starting with chat-bots, AI assistants on various websites – to AI tools with which we can operate with text, code, generate artistic images, transform sound, or train AI with our voice. As we once interpreted artificial intelligence, now its interpreting us – humans.

In search of new ways and means of expression, the artist has tried to give the images generated by generative Ai a shape and volume, by transforming them into three-dimensional objects. Artist is giving space and displaying AI content in 3 dimensions in virtual reality to enhance sense of presence.

Līga Vēliņa (1990) is a media artist, illustrator and graphic designer. She works with various digital media: data visualization, virtual reality, 3D art. Līga studied new media art at Liepāja University and visual communication at the Latvian Art Academy, where she obtained a master’s degree. Līga is currently studying PhD in Latvian Art Academy.